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Sh. S.N. Sidheshwar Sr. Sec. Public School privately managed & run by Sh. Shiv naraina Sidheswar Mandir Sanatan Dharam Sabha is a secular co-educational institution.

Mission Excellence in all fields is our destination.

Founded in 1972, the school has made a long way. It has taken a huge leap from traditional blackboards to electronic white boards LCD Projectors in the class rooms. It is committed to provide the society, young men and women with muscles of iron nerves of steel, who can make the best of present, keeping intact with the good of past and moving towards the future with determination to bring glory to society, nation humanity at large. In the portals of Sidheshwar, students are provided opportunities to discover their inherent talents.


Our target is to equip the students to meet the challenges of 21st century with vigor, confidence & knowledge


While keeping pace with the latest trends, the school endeavours to imbibe the goodness of the past among the students.

smart classes

Sidheshwar School has completely revolutionized teaching learning process by introducing Smart Classes


Upcoming Events

Beyond Academics

Invigorating Flairs

We offer students a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance their education, to develop life skills, and to practice serving others. 


In line with the traditions of the school, music, dance and dramatics are given ample scope for growth

clubs & forums

The school has created a hub of activities to bring out the potential, innovation & creativity of the students.


Sidheshwar Student's Council is an elected body of democratic forum that is elected annually through democratic process.


The concept behind the house system is to promote the ideals of citizenship & inculcates a sense of loyalty among the students.

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