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*        Admission to any class depends on the number of seats available.

*        Candidate seeking admission to any class has to fulfill all the norms specified by the school.

*        Right of admission is reserved with school authorities. Admission will be granted only to those who are found fit for admission in a particular class.

*        Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, colour or creed.

*        Direct admission to class X and XII will not be granted.

*        Parents must submit Progress Report of the previous class obtained from the previous school.

*        Registration is a pre-condition for admission. It does not guarantee confirmation of admission.

Admission form should be supported with the following documents :

(a)     Birth certificate from Municipal Corporation/Committee duly attested by Gazetted Officer. Birth certificates issued by Panchayats should be counter-signed by Block Development Officer or Chief Medical Officer of the area. Affidavits shall not be accepted. If at any point it is found that the birth certificate is not genuine, admission to school stands cancelled.

b)      Transfer Certificate duly counter-signed by DEO of  the  area  or  the  Board authority (in  case  if  student  is from a different state)


(a)     Once all admission formalities are fulfilled and the withdrawal is sought, only the caution money will be refunded after making necessary adjustments as per requirement. Fee & Charges once deposited shall not be refunded.

(b)     For withdrawal written application must be submitted at the Fee Counter with Admission Number, Class, Section and Result clearly stated in it.

(c)     'No Dues Certificate' obtained from the Library In charge, Laboratory In charge, Sports In charge and Fee Clerk  must be submitted along with the application.

(d)     A one month mandatory notice period is required for withdrawal.

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